Saturday, July 19, 2014

Moving to new platform

Hi all,
I am moving my blog to wordpress platform


Monday, May 05, 2014

Seafood Indah 94 Kalimati

Tadi malam berkat rekomendasi teman kantor, akhirnya kita nyobain tempat makan baru Seafood 94 Indah Kalimati. Alamat lengkapnya setelah di google adalah Jln. Hidup Baru (Kalimati) no. 35 Pademangan Barat.

Tempatnya ramai pisan boo. Satu area terdiri dari belasan meja panjang, dan kalau diliat dari luar udah kaya rumah asap.

Menu yang ditawarkan relatif standard.
- Kepiting rebus/bakar/saus tiram/saus padang
- Ikan kwe, bawal baronang goreng/bakar/saus padang/saus tiram
- Udang bakar/rebus/saus padang/saus tiram
- Cumi goreng tepung/goreng mentega/ saus padang/ saus tiram
- Cah kangkung polos/ terasi/ seafood
Kerang darah, hijau rebus/ saus padang/saus tiram.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

50 Ways to Take Break

10 Ways to Make Money without A Job

Friday, April 25, 2014

Too Busy? 7 Ways to Increase Leisure Time According to Science

Feeling overwhelmed? Are you constantly running from thing to thing but never getting it all done?

When researchers survey people, they say they’re too busy about everythingToo busy to make friends, date, sleep, have sex, to go on vacation… or to even have lunch.

In surveys, people say they’re too busy to make friends outside the office, too busy to date, too busy to sleep, and too busy to have sex. Eight in ten Britons report being too busy to eat dessert, even though four in ten say dessert is better than sex. We’re in such a rush that the typical sound bite for a presidential candidate has been compressed from forty seconds in 1968 to 7.3 seconds in 2000. Remember those unused vacation days? People say they’re too busy to take a vacation and too busy for a lunch break.